The Lost Boys

Session One – Haunted Fortunes..

Fireday the 26th of Pharast 4708AR

Returning to Zellara’s place, a disturbing change has occurred. There is no sign of the fortune telling room they sat in two days ago. The house looks like no one has been there in some time and feels almost derelict. People are concerned that Zellara may have deceived them but it is decided to continue with the raid on the Old Fishery.

Waiting for sunset, The Lost Boys descend upon Lamm’s hideout. Carefully going down the side of the building, a barge is spotted moored to the side of the building. Carefully investigating it, Tasar pulls Valen out of the path of a giant spider, which is killed by a well placed arrow. Searching the barge, it is empty but a hidden crawl space is found which links into a secret entrance to the Old Fishery. Quietly going through, a large room is entered. There is some rubbish in the room, some manacles are placed over a drop into the river, and above them a trap door leading to the room above, a shark swims slowly around looking hopefully at everyone. A woman who is chained up is found on the far side of the room. She is sleeping and looks to have been severely beaten and raped. She is freed and woken up, she is mostly unresponsive but lets Tasar lead her to safety on the barge. Triele scans the room and sees some magic is present in the adjoining room. Yavallana picks the lock and moves inside. A dirty bedroom is found and three magic items are locked in a chest and one in a wooden hat box with has flies around it. Yav carefully opens the hat box and peers inside, she pulls away quickly and starts throwing up. Triele being wise and caring holds her hair back so as to keep sick out of it. The hat box when emptied contains two items – a set of exquisite Harrow cards and the head of Zellara. The head appears to have been there at least a week or so.

Tasar picks up the Harrow cards and hears Zellara speaking. The others hear Tasar having a conversation with himself. Zellara then appears and then speaks to everyone one. She apologizes for the way she contacted everyone but felt if she told them she was already dead they wouldn’t have trusted her. She says Lamm had her kidnapped and brought here, she was tortured and then killed. It is silently agreed to trust Zellara for the moment, at which point Zellara also reveals by touching a Harrow card to a magic item, she can identify up to three such items a day. Deal sorted! She then reveals the have found a wand of magic missiles, oil of silver sheen and a vial of keen edge.

The Lost Boys return to street level to continue the search of the old Fishery. Going through one of the single doors a room where the children are sleeping is found. A creaky step on the stairs seems to wake up a dog in another room, who in turn wakes his owners. Valen uses his Colour Spray spell to great effect stunning the dog and two guards. Yavallana kills another with a well placed arrow and Tasar takes another day with a slash of his scimitar,Raven using her spell to make each them miss an attack. Triele beakens to another guard who turns tail and flees. In an effort to extract information from the guards, the two dead are fed to the shark in the floor below. One guard breaks as the other holds firm. Triele reveals her extremely scary Drow side as she interrogates the two men. Ultimately they reveal nothing and end up as tomorrows shark poo.

The Lost Boys leave with the woman and the orphans and head to the cathedral of Pharasma. Turning a corner a member of the City Watch is almost bumped into. After satisfying himself they aren’t up to anything bad, Grau (who isn’t a rapist) offers to escourt them. He mentions a Shoanti delegation has just arrived at the Cathedral and maybe they would take the Shoanti orphan they have rescued. At the cathedral, Lysana quickly starts to organize help for the Orphans and the children. Three Shoanti arrive to collect the Shoanti child. Thousand Bones is an old Shoanti who is seemingly blind, he is led by Gaekin a young Shoanti male. The third Shoanti is probably the largest human they have ever seen. His name is Krojun-Eats-What-He-Kills.



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