The Lost Boys

Session One – Haunted Fortunes...

Starday the 27th of Pharast 4708AR

Returning the day to the Cathedral of Pharasma, Lysana and Efah had agreed to officiate the funeral of Zellara. They observe Varisian traditions, and Zellara said afterwards it was quite moving. Efah speaks to everyone about the Harrow deck, drawing the conclusion if it is able to work in the Cathedral, it must have the consent of Pharasma’s grace.

The rest of the day is spent selling the considerable hall they took from the Old Fishery. Everyone’s purse is bulging and in Yav’s case, has something in her bag again. People aren’t slow in spending the new found wealth. New armour for Tasar, and Yava buys some masterwork helping opening door stuff from a very nice man. Triele makes a large donation to the Cathedral which is greatly received,



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