The Lost Boys

Session One – Haunted Fortunes.

Oathday the 25th of Pharast 4708AR

Everyone met up the next day at the Cathedral of Pharasma. Yava looked a lot better today, having had a good bath, a good sleep and some more food. Having been granted the use of a training room, people try out various weapons and armour to see what they are comfortable with. Some spells are cast to show effects, and people discuss their strengths and abilities.

In the afternoon it is decided to visit the Old Fishery where Lamm is holed up, and get an idea what it looks like. At least five children are spotted, including a Shoanti child, and four guards keeping watch over them.

After watching for a while, they decide to visit a nearby tavern as it turns out today is Triele’s birthday. Valen arranged for a delivery of a 122 Black Roses (with all the thorns removed) for her birthday present. A few drinks are enjoyed before people decide to call it quits for the day.



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