The Lost Boys

Session One – Haunted Fortunes.....

Moonday the 29th of Pharast 4708AR

As promised Valen has drawn up a will for Zellara to sign. With great exertion she is able to sign it, but the effort means she fades from sight quickly. Triele suggests giving the will to a friend of hers in the Church of Abadar. They does this, and are surprised to find her friend is Kevkul – a half Orc priest of Abadar. He agrees to set things in motion regarding the will.

Castle Volshyenek is headed to, and it turns out Grau has an offer of work for them. A friend of his was beaten and robbed. Three of the thieves were caught but one got away with the loot. Tasar wishes to speak to the aggrieved person before saying yes. Grau brings them to his home and they get a description of the stolen items. After deciding they are both being honest, and are putting up the 50 gold themselves; it is agreed to help. Grau gives them the location and the group grab some supplies and head out of Korvosa……



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