The Lost Boys

Setting the Scene

It’s early spring in Korvosa, it’s Wealday the 24th of Pharast in the year 4708AR

A strong, fresh breeze speeds across Conquerors Bay, it rises up to the the two highest points in Korvosa – Castle Korvosa atop the Grand Mastaba and the Great Tower just to the North West of the castle. The breeze carrying the scent of the ocean, then spreads out over the rest of the city leaving Korvosa feeling clean and new. It whips over the other districts heralding in a spectacular, bright red sunrise in the early hours of the morning.

The smell of burning wood from hearth fires begins to creep across the city, as does the noise of citizens rousing from their slumber as Korvosa starts another day. A flight of Sable Company guards mounted on their impressive and ever vigilante Hippogriffs, swoop back into their home and headquarters in the Great Tower, soon to warm themselves beside roaring fires after their chilly pre dawn patrol. The Korvosan watch that has been out in the differing districts on their Dawn Watch, return quite tired to Castle Volshyenek, making their reports before catching up on some well deserved sleep.

Merchants and traders begin moving and setting up brightly covered stalls, preparing a vast variety of food and drinks for a multitude of pallets and races. Trade goods of all shapes, sizes and description are put on show, with the more exotic and rare items held in the many stores. Livestock markets begin to ready themselves for a day full of haggling and bartering ahead. Fishermen returning with the pre dawn catch, readying to sell freshly caught clams, salmon, trout, oysters and lobsters to the local taverns and restaurants with the very best food being sent to the Castle and then the Acadamae. Crews on moored ships begin the task of loading and unloading cargos, and inspecting their ships in case repairs are needed.
A solitary Pseudo Dragon darts back to its nest after catching a juicy fat rat for breakfast, either to savour for it self or to feed its family high in the rooftops. Or maybe it had attacked and killed an Imp that had escaped from the Acadamae. An ominous noise rumbles up from the sewers, most likely an Otyugh dealing with a particularly nasty piece of sewage.



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